Web Therapy Seasons One & Two – review

Originally a web improv series, Showtime eventually picked up Web Therapy, created by Lisa Kudrow, and made it into a half-hour comedy that sees the former Friends star deliver a decidedly deadpan performance entirely through the frame of a computer screen.

Narcissistic, conservative, and lonely Fiona Wallace is attempting to kickstart web therapy, cutting out what she unsympathetically deems a superfluous 47 minutes of traditional therapy down to just three – all via video calling. Manipulating the lives (and often well-being) of everyone from her patient-turned-assistant Jerome to IT worker Kumal, Fiona’s command over others rarely eclipses her lack of control over her own life: she is still in denial that her husband, Kip (Victor Garber, probably best recognised from his role in Titanic), is gay and that her unhinged but wealthy mother (Lily Tomlin) refuses to invest in her new “modality”.

With a host of guest stars including Rashida Jones, Courteney Cox and Jane Lynch, Season One snappily sets up Fiona’s fame and money hungry agenda, while Season Two takes in appearances from Meryl Streep, Conan O’Brien, David Schwimmer and Julia Louis-Dreyfus with perhaps just a little too much leisure.

Season Three airs in the US this summer, hopefully with the momentum of the otherwise nimble and wry first season.