Two: bauble

Thinking about decorations seems a little premature if you haven’t lugged out your tree from its cobweb-encrusted depths yet, but I must do as my advent calendar demands.

Fortunately my housemates put up a tree while I was pottering about Oxford Circus.The blue and silver theme leans towards the progressive side of Christmas décor, and I’ve never quite understood the whole technicolour Christmas craze. What happened to the centuries old tradition of using red, green and gold? If it was good enough for the Renaissance folk, it’s good enough for me. Messing with a 500 year-old tried and tested colour palette just seems like asking for trouble. It could be worse than blue and silver though, and sometimes even the craziest coloured trees manage to reign it back in to look good.


I set about making my own bauble for the tree…No, it’s not very well made and my limited crafts supplies means it looks a bit out a place. At least it’s ‘personal’ – will it snow before Christmas? This time last year flakes had already been falling for a week, so maybe it won’t be long.