Twenty: elephant

Courtesy of Stephen and Claire Farnsworth

I’m stumped: what have elephants got to do with Christmas?

One of my housemates said it was to do with the three wise men. But they rode in style on one of these. Camels, not elephants. Elephants do enjoy a good Christmas tree snack, that much I know.

As far as I’m aware, they also aren’t exactly the most popular (or manageable) gifts to give either. That doesn’t stop people asking…or singing…for one though.

Then I found out about ‘white elephant parties’. Not as dodgy as it sounds, it’s basically the version of Secret Santa that The Hangover  wannabeLADS would opt for and make it extreme instead.

Your group of friends each wrap up a present that’s a ‘white elephant’ (something that is ultimately useless, has a maintenance cost higher than its initial cost, or simply something your great-aunt got you a few years ago and you never used). Then you all take turns playing Old Maid with your presents…which are, in the end, all equally as bad as each other.

I would love to do this, mostly because I’m always attracted entirely useless objects that shops sell and wonder who would possibly buy them, and whether I could get away with giving them as gifts. Next year, the game is ON.

Ideas for next year…(that are meant to be useful, at least. Let’s not get too carried away now)