The twenty-four days of Christmas

Courtesy of Simple Girl, Simple Life

Twenty-four days of festive-finding later, I’m feeling a (not so quiet) sense of success. With a few deviations along the way, I more or less managed to seek out twenty-four ways to spread yuletide joy across the month of December.

I’m still not much closer to figuring out what trains really do have to do with Christmas, but I’ve come to the conclusion it doesn’t matter anyway. You can eat Christmas food, be given – and open…shock! – presents, and feel the seasonal love for a full twenty-four days before the 25th. So I’m standing firm that the run-up can be just as good Christmas Day itself.

Some of the ways of being festive that I discovered were results of commercialism, yes. Remember the Coca-Cola van? But that doesn’t always mean it has to be big and bad – just so long as you counter it with a home-made biscuit or going to your local carol service.

And in case you were wondering about the final mince pie count? It’s well over 70, and counting. Turns out some Christmas-sy things have the ability to go far far beyond the 25th. Or at least until the supermarkets stop putting them on the shelves.