The Syndicate, episode two


Spoiler alert – this post contains spoilers about episode two of The Syndicate and massive speculations that may/not turn out to be correct

Dave scrubbed up pretty well, didn’t he? The stray dog on the other hand…is it just me or did it look more like a sheep? (A Bedlington Terrier, according to t’internet.) Looks like the Magic 8 Ball prediction from last week was right about Dave though: he certainly didn’t bring up the tea at half ten. Turns out Dave was having a secret relationship with Chris the careworker. In the end Denise was far too goodnatured during the ultimate breakup in giving Dave the Mercedes but luckily she didn’t go for the cosmetic surgery.

I want to see Lorraine Bruce in a load more television – she completely stole it. Yes, I realise it was her episode, but to steal a phrase from Kelly Rowland she “laid it dooooown!” Episode two gave a bit of insight into Denise’s now failed marriage, her miscarriage, absolutely undying love for dogs and looking after her mother.

As if Amy is still jealous of Stuart talking to  Leanne. Isn’t she overjoyed with her swimming pool in the kitchen? From the woman whose answer to polishing a banister is to paint it white, not that surprising. Similarly couldn’t stop laughing, despite myself, when Jamie got out of his Ferrari. With a tan coloured jacket. With elbow patches. I’m starting to really hope that the police figure out who really burgled the shop. If only so that Stuart can stop looking like a constipated gerbil.

The mystery surrounding Leanne continues. Is it just me or did it look like she was avoiding the coppers a bit? Meanwhile Bob has recovered from his initial injuries but something has been found on his brain during scan. More next week.

So, I’m going to put it out there – I preferred Denise’s hair when she was in the curly club. Sure, who doesn’t love a glossy sheen, but never at the expense of the real curls. Well, whatever does happen, let’s just hope she hits it off with the guy at the dog rescue centre.


Ta ra!” Okay it’s not purely Yorkshire folk who use this one, but when it’s in the Yorkshire accent, it’s another thing altogether


  • The lottery lady on the end of the phone putting Denise on hold
  • Finding the lottery ticket stuck to a bag of dog poo
  • Denise’s kitchen chaos
  • “People trusted Harold Shipman” – too true, Leanne, too true


Don’t count on it: will Denise be surrounded by less than three pooches at a time

Reply hazy, try again: will something come of Stuart and Leanne’s little chats?

You may rely on it: Denise’s mum will continue in her melodramatic ways

Outlook not so good: is putting fish and chips in the oven whilst still wrapped in paper a good idea?


Image: BBC