The Syndicate, episode three

The Syndicate, BBC

Spoiler alert – this post contains spoilers about episode three of The Syndicate and massive speculations that may/not turn out to be correct

Bit of a slow mover, this episode. Bob looks about putting his affairs in order, gets engaged and gets coerced into to going to South Africa for surgery on his tumour.

Given that Bob’s time seems to be running short and that Timothy Spall is by far the most established actor in The Syndicate, there’s little surprise that he took eighty per cent of this episode’s screen time. Minimal amounts of plotline for all other characters, but we learn a lot about Bob’s life: his loves, his children, his sudden urges to throw parties for himself at fancy places.

Bob’s a good man, though, isn’t he? He knew that it was Jamie who knocked him down, and covered for him – or more accurately, for Stuart. Whose possible future with Denise – that is if she doesn’t skip town within the next two episodes – I still stand by as a possibility. Because really, who has chats like that in the living room without a bit of romance in the air. Or a history together already, perhaps?

There was one very strange scene with Bob and his girlfriend (wife, by the end of the episode…and what a proposal that was) lying on their backs, on the grass, during a rainstorm. Funny how they don’t seem to be getting soaked, isn’t it. But in all seriousness: do people do that? I thought that was a sure-fire way to catch pneumonia.

For the few things that actually happened in this episode, here’s a bit of trivia instead. Matthew Lewis’s brother in real life, Anthony Lewis, played Bob’s curly haired son in this particular episode. How lovely.


I’ve just bought this house, a twenty-thousand pound ring and booked a holiday in St. Lucia – so crap ya face” Stuart finally tells Amy where she can shove it.


  • The blood stain on the pillow from Bob’s head in the hospital
  • Posh people in Barbour coats
  • Denise’s mum using her emergency buzzer to page Denise about the TV recorder not being set
  • The amount of hair glitter used by Bob’s showgirl ex-wife


Outlook certain: Stuart’s ‘concerned’ face getting fixed by the wind blowing

Concentrate and try again: will Bob actually die? (I really hope not.)

Very doubtful:

Without a doubt: Amy will keep on getting hair extensions


Image credit – BBC