The Syndicate, episode one

The Syndicate - BBC

Spoiler alert – this post contains spoilers about episode one of The Syndicate and massive speculations that may/not turn out to be correct

So  – there’s that one that played Neville in Harry Potter (Jamie), then Timothy Spall (Bob), Seth from Misfits (Stuart), Stacey off of Gavin and Stacey (Leanne) and a lady called Lorraine Bruce whose done a lot of theatre work (Denise). Four Yorkshire accents and one Welsh.

Let me just set one thing straight to start off with: I have no idea why the shop uniform is either a tabard or a full jump suit à la an American car wash. As can be expected, the gang win the lottery. But why is everyone’s first thought, post-screaming, “I’m going to change!” For who? The mind boggles.

It’s hard to watch Matthew Lewis playing any other role than Neville Longbottom. He might have grown up but thankfully so far he’s not been scripted with any swearing worse than “you tosser!” But what has Jamie’s past involved? Drugs, yes…but he seems to have a fairly in-depth knowledge of (or at least confidence in) staging a robbery. He’s desperate too – I reckon there’s a drug overlord just waiting to spring out of the sidelines.

No, Stuart, I don’t think Amy truly loves you any more. At the moment she’s threatening him in every scene, even when he’s willing to get the 7.05 bus to the hospital to pick her and her dusky pink velour tracksuit up. She’ll probably will be delighted in the wake of the lottery win, though. Nothing like withholding the right to see his son and new born daughter in the meantime, though.

Either Denise, Jamie or Leanne voted for Stuart not to be one of the lottery winners. Denise – she’s a dog lover and I don’t think she’d be capable of something like that. I’m not sure even Jamie could be so cold-hearted towards his own brother, seeing as he was more than willing to commit a felony for him earlier. My money (no pun intended, as I don’t even enter the lottery myself) is on Leanne. She clearly knows how to cover her own back and she looks anxious for about 80% of the episode, even after winning.

Why didn’t Denise ever have children? And why is Leanne so conscious of her identity being revealed? Why is the suit from the lottery – a EuroMillions draw – an American? Presumably all will be revealed later on, but old lady Connie might have a bit of a shock when the new management for ‘Right U Buy’ come in. Meanwhile, I’m in Yorkshire accent heaven.


  • Little bags of dog poo on top of the dog litter bins
  • Stuart’s asthma: always hits mid-conversation or while a baby is on the way
  • Amy’s eyeshadow. Any woman who owns a velour tracksuit owns bright baby blue eye colour.
  • Denise’s teeth and hayfever – finally, a character who doesn’t look shiny all the time


Yes: Stuart’s wife, Amy, won’t leave him – but Denise’s husband, Dave, will

Don’t count on it: Dave taking Denise’s mum a cup of tea upstairs at about half ten

Very likely: the father of Leanne’s daughter will come back on the scene

Ask again later: whether everyone else will be calling the winnings “blood money”. Calm it down there, Stu.


T’other” – it’s flying all around the place. A classic.



Image: BBC