The Syndicate, episode four

The Syndicate, BBC

Spoiler alert – this post contains spoilers about episode four of The Syndicate and massive speculations that may/not turn out to be correct

This episode was epic. There were epic things, places, and epically drawn out storylines. Finally the mystery about Leanne’s past has come out, in the most convoluted way possible, and that dramatic/supposedly ominous thumping music can now stop. Like the following re-cap, this episode was just one thing after another, and it all ended quite happily in the end. No one ran off, no one got abducted for life, no one fainted on the new tiled floor of Amy and Stuart’s mansion.

Plus Leanne and Stuart get it on. Well, almost. There was champagne in front of a crackling log fire, a quick kiss and Leanne telling Stuart that he’s the only reason she’s stayed in town. Then she ran off because all just got ‘too much’.

Leanne’s husband tracked her down after the lottery publicity and she’s –duly – paranoid about someone coming after her little girl, Stacey. Hero of the episode award goes to Stuart and Jamie’s mum: she finally lets rip and blackmails Amy. Oh and she uses ones of those four-wheeled PVC shopping trolleys. Anyone who owns one of those deserves to be titled ‘epic’. I know this because my grandma had one.

And of course it was going to send a very hungover Amy over the edge when Stuart offered Leanne a room at their new house to hide from her husband. Not to mention how Jamie snapped a cheeky picture of Leanne and Stuart – doing nothing – band stirred things up even further by showing it to Amy. Who phoned Gareth (Leanne’s hidden husband) up. Who ‘kidnapped’ Stacey and took her to Tropical World so that he could get Leanne to sign divorce papers.

Turns out Stacey is adopted: or she would’ve been. Before Leanne kidnapped her away herself from the original drug-addict baby mama. That’s a contrived storyline if there ever was one, no? What’s more is…Amy taddle-tellled got Leanne reported to the police for child abduction. And Amy still thinks the world is against her.

On a slight sidenote about other equally epic things: Tropical World. It’s amazing, I’ve been there. You should go too. A butterfly might land your hand.


I don’t know how to work these bloomin’ Aga things.”


  • Denise thinking the hotel might be haunted
  • Bob’s solicitor son wearing a pink shirt, purple metallic tie and an oversize grey pin-stripe suit
  • Stuart’s mum wanting to wheel the washing into the sauna to dry
  • Denise and Rodney’s innocent romance flourishing over swollen feet


Signs point to yes: Stuart quitting work at the shop and no one ever donning a tabard ever again

Outlook not so good: Bob enjoying his safari trip whilst out in South Africa for his consultation

Better not tell you now: Stuart’s mum figuring out who really committed the robbery and maybe Leanne too

My sources say no: Stuart not dumping Amy. It’s been three weeks in the making

Image credit: BBC