The Living Advent Calendar

There are twenty-four days of anticipation leading up to December 25th, the big kahuna. I’m a believer they have the potential to be better than the mere twenty-four hours that millions, whether Christian or not, spend in a euphoric haze of gift giving and festive roasts.

Every year, the build-up is accompanied by a flurry of news stories about the “commercialisation of Christmas”. Does this mean that all those quaint customs warbled about by Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole have been forever lost to the depths of the twenty-first century City’s pockets? And really, what were advent calendar manufacturers thinking when they decided on these ‘stereotypical Christmas’ pictures? What can a train possibly have to do with Christmas in 2k11? Twenty Christmasses young, and I’m beginning to wonder if there is something in this commercialisation chat.

Using my advent calendar, I want to prove otherwise. My inner Dorey Walker wants to find 24 ways or places where the seasonal spirit is, as they say, ‘alive’. (Albeit appropriate, I’m starting to think that listening to the Golden Age of Christmas compilation album whilst writing this was a mistake, since cringe-worthy Christmas puns are becoming increasingly attractive. Apologies.)

As The Living Advent Calendar I’ll be doing as the pictures in my chocolate – straight up picture calendars are hard to come by any more…yes yes, a case in point about commercialisation – advent calendar dictates, using the picture to hopefully provide the inspiration (even if far-fetched) for a daily festive activity.

After all, there must be a reason why it was named the festive season.