The Big Reunion Season One – ITV2

As a child of the 90s, this is precisely the programme I have been waiting for. So many bands, so many breakups – what happened? Why did all those beautiful collaborations fall apart? What sweet sweet music could have been made had they continued on their righteous courses? These questions have plagued me for many years.

The Big Reunion answers some of them. Not all, but that doesn’t matter since the programme has gone hand-in-hand with a UK tour. I have yet managed to get a ticket, but I’m not too worried, because everyone knows that ‘temporary’ can so very easily become ‘permanent’. This much I know.

I am also well aware that Kerry Katona has had more than ample opportunities to talk about her life before now. But Atomic Kitten aren’t the only heavyweights of yore here. Little more need be said; there are journeys back to the path of greatness to be made. Behold: