Thinking Inside the Box: 2 Broke Girls

2 broke girls

People often refer to their mobile phones as an extra limb. Mine is like a vital organ. Last week (in metaphorical terms only, and for that I am grateful) I suffered a kidney failure.

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Thinking Inside the Box: Once Upon A Time


Some things are just surreal. For instance, I am a fan of both Dolly Parton and hip hop…and

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Thinking Inside the Box: Big Fat Gypsy Weddings


Gypsy brides and grooms enjoy livin’ it large

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Thinking Inside the Box: New Girl


I loathe myself for even slightly liking Zooey Deschanel. Or more precisely, her character Jess in the US hit series, New Girl

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Thinking Inside the Box: One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Apparently stress makes you get wrinkles. I would imagine having a baby to be quite stressful. In fact, I know it – I’ve seen, all without having to go through childbirth myself. One Born Every Minute is back.

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Thinking Inside the Box: Sorority Girls

Sorority Girls

If I were a pledge on Sorority Girls I’d like to think that the five leaders would initially find me to be the epitome of appropriate.

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Thinking Inside the Box: The Real Hustle

The Real Hustle

Marry Watchdog and The Magician’s Code and the resulting televisual offspring is The Real Hustle.

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Thinking Inside the Box: semi-reality television


“Some scenes are created for entertainment purposes” – a disclaimer of sheer honesty, a symphony of orchestrated situations to my ears.

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University sacrifices: choosing between the first or the fun

Charlotte Fairclough

Whether it’s taking part in something that relates to what you want to do when you graduate, or volunteering to plant trees in local parks, everything is a ‘useful’ experience. If not at university, when else?

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The One With The Real End Of An Era

Tomorrow, Channel Four are finally ending our daily doses. I, like millions of others, have watched every one of the 236 episodes countless times. Now I have to actually buy them? The outrage!

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