Switching off: January

The month is at an end, and so is my tether with these new shows (and one sub-standard rerun).

Utopia – Channel 4

It might have been aired at 10pm, but 11pm would have far better suited all the on-screen eye-gouging and gun crime in Utopia. It was, however, clever beyond most other thrillers – enough to justify the violence, on boxset at least.

My Mad Fat Diary – Channel 4

The throwback vibe of My Mad Fat Diary wasn’t solely down to its being set in the mid-90s: it’s been a while since mental health and body image have been covered in earnest. Sharon Rooney is excellent as Rae Earl as she straddles comedy and the underlying pains of returning from a stay in a psychiatric hospital. But at 45 minutes, the editing is a little too generous to make it to the end.

Switch – ITV

Since they’ve already cashed in with The Vampires Diaries it seems that ITV thought there was nothing to lose by overlooking the fact that that vampires are the supernatural heavyweights of the decade. They were wrong; there was much to lose.

For these four girls, London life in their beautifully lit apartment is supplemented by an excellent moral compass and a cheeky dose of witchcraft to get them out of tricky spots. ‘Blah’ does not even begin to cover the ‘anarchy’ the four besties encounter.

Mr Selfridge – ITV

A build-up to the grand opening might have given time for suspense and excitement. Instead the store somehow fades into the background, and it’s all drunk fathers and sordid affairs from the off.