Seven: snowman


Another snow-related chocolate, and now it really is getting tricky to keep up as The Living Advent Calendar. The world’s tallest snowman, was actually a woman. She was both made and melted in 2008, at 122`1 feet high. Mine, however, usually just end up look like this.

In the name of being festive, I’ve had to make do with searching for some of the best snowmen around – plenty of time to steal ideas before the snow does actually fall. (As if anyone in England would ever have enough snow to build one of these.) My central heating decided to fail today. Sitting in seven layers in a room of 1°C, you know there’s only one thing for it: listen to an upbeat remix of the whiny voice of Aled Jones (yep, that same chap who’s now the brunt of every joke on the Chris Moyles show), and desperately wish.



Picture by Peter Worth