Semi-finalists: from Iceland to Malta

Credit: Eurovision 2012 Baku


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“The dawn will break as darkness fades forever we‘ll be free.” It’s all getting a bit too Stephanie Meyer for my liking. I definitely kept expecting werewolves to jump out of the mountains too, bit disappointed. Are Iceland even capable of stay away from the stringed instruments? I miss the 2010 Iceland vibe. N.B.: not the same Jónsi from Sigur Rós fame.

Contagious rating: 0/5
Praying it won’t make it any further


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So…Jedward ended up representing Ireland for Eurovision. I’m not sure the rest of Europe will entirely appreciate their jumping around – and I really hope neither of them has a mishap on the night.  This is actually one of their less annoying songs, as far as the duo go, so perhaps they’re in with a chance. If Europe’s feeling a 2kl2 Jonas Brothers vibe, then I reckon they could make it into the top ten. Just hoping the outfits aren’t too heinous. Or involving anything to do with the Irish flag.

Contagious rating: 3/5
Frankly I’m just glad Ireland haven’t entered yet another ballad. Anything on one of those is an improvement, even if it is Jedward. Just count how many cartwheels they do


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You can always count on Israel to do something a bit weird and go a bit too far in Eurovision. Combining a really bizarre version of Cirque du Soleil with music that lies somewhere between Abba and The Hoosiers certainly fills that category. Having watched the music video for their entry, I just felt stunned. I’m not sure whether it was the circus make-up on the wildly gyrating woman or sidelong glances from the lead singer, but by the time the bunny-hopping piano player appeared, I’d had enough.

Contagious rating: 2/5
Not sure I could stand watching this song be performed any more times than the bare minimum.


H6 test

Having your piano player sing along to the song doesn’t do it any favours, dear. It’s a very very literal song about Eurovision itself…although I have my doubts about the following anecdote:
“And the day when Jagger, Mick did call me
I couldn’t talk ’cause I was really busy
Recording song with Sir Paul McCartney
“I’m sorry, Mick, I’ll call you back, one day I’ll call you back””
Err, yeah Anmary. Whatever you say.

Contagious rating: -3/5
No. Just no. Particularly that pink dress. As much as I do love Paris Hilton.


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Donny Montell isn’t blind, but to compliment the title of is track, he blindfolds himself for a whole minute and a half before ripping it off and breaking into a cartwheel…and going to sing what seems like an entirely different song. The disco lighting is the most confusing part – I think he’s stuck in the wrong decade, or just really fancies himself as the next (singing) James Bond.

Contagious rating: 0/5
Dead as disco fever.


H6 test

Sitting at that piano, I was just waiting the whole time for Ms. Kaliopi to turn round and play it. What I was not expecting was the rock beat. Probably should’ve guessed it from her Romantic Goth outfit, but when the beat kicked in I was secretly relieved. It didn’t improve the song, but at least it wasn’t yet another Eurovision piano solo.

Contagious rating: 0/5
Sorry, Macedonia, but…no.


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This guy is pretty ‘funky’, as far as Malta’s past performances go – he really embraced the pop charts vibe. A video that includes bow ties, DJ decks, rain within an indoor setting, the splits, co-ordinated group dance moves, glowsticks and fire? What a dream. JLS  meets Rhianna meets Step Up 2…This one has a special place in my heart.
Contagious rating: 4/5
I sense a finalist in our midsts.


Image Credit: Eurovision 2012 Baku