Semi-finalists: Cyprus to Hungary



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YES, Cyprus! Back on form! If you shut your eyes and imagined a slightly more powerful voice – Ivi Adamou could be J. Lo, no? Or at least someone that could give a Ke$ha a run for her money. I half expected a rap segment although was duly disappointed…but combined with a well choreographed dance routine (as opposed to stomping around the stage in high heels) – I smell a top ten finalist in the midsts!

Contagious rating: 4/5

Probably too Americanised for the Eurovision market, but one of my personal favourites from the 2012 entries



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Just getting it out there to save you the distraction of figuring it out – if you squint Soluna Samay looks just like a blonde version of Ellen Page, with a huge green peacock tattoo across on her right bicep.  (Juno, the architect girl from Inception) I really can’t fault this song: it was suitably catchy and can you ask for any more? Especially when the singer is channelling her inner Cheryl Cole, but in a far far less annoying way.

Contagious rating: 3/5

I actually want her to do well. I bet she’ll be frantically waving a cute little Danish flag in the green room. N’aww.



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Ronan Keating, eat your heart out. Listen is full of lingering notes, furred brow crescendos where the lights rise and dance off of Ott Lepland’s metallic suit, joined by a female voice that comes out of nowhere. Luckily, I think Eurovision voters are long since ‘over’ this kind of performance. As am I. Nil points.

Contagious rating: 0/5

The finals would be better off without this entry. Sorry, Ott.



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Wanted to get my Irish soft-shoe interpretative dance on to this song, a bit like the solo dancer performing in Finland’s qualifier. If you shut your eyes, it’s easy to get carried away with Pernilla Karlsson’s voice. (Apart from the word that sounds a lot like ‘manure’ at 2:09.) I love when countries decide to keep their songs in their mother tongues – if not only for poking their tongues out to Great Britain.

Contagious rating: 4/5

Top ten, top ten!



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Eurovision somehow got mistranslated into Phantom of the Opera with an decades trash vibe here. The worst part is that the whole nonsensical song is vaguely contagious. Even if the lyrics are are…well…

I’m a joker
I’m a rocker
I’m a shocker
I’m a poker
Got no fear, got no tear baby
never, never, never, never, never

I’m worringly excited to see what routine will be performed with this song at the semi-finals.

Contagious rating: 3/5

The 1,284 (and counting) dislikes versus 876 likes on YouTube for this song are pretty telling.



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Feeling a bit sorry for those poor guys getting spiked by her stilettos, let’s hope she doesn’t pull the same stunt for the first semi-final performance. In fact – will there be a new dance routine? I expected a more creative video from a former Greek X Factor participant, tsk. Maybe this is why she got voted out so early from that show…I suspect her ability to dance in a short skirt will prevent the same happening.

Contagious rating: 3/5

Will make the final, if only due to ‘dancing’ abilities



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Even Joey Tribbiani wouldn’t have been convinced by the fart acting (or singing) going on in this song. I found myself more aggravated than inspired by the time that the three minutes was over. It really didn’t help that Compact Disco’s singer was styling his hair to look like Spencer Matthews.

Contagious rating: 1/5

The only way that this song will do well is if the singer wears a very dashing suit. Female vote win. Unfortunate but true.


Image credit: Eurovision 2012 Baku