United Kingdom: Bonnie Tyler




After rumours flying last week about a Bonnie named Langford, it was announced this morning that 61-year old Bonnie Tyler will be representing the UK at this year’s contest.

The Total Eclipse of the Heart singer’s heyday may have been back in the 80s, but she will be performing a new ballad, Believe in Me, from her upcoming album at the final in Sweden this May.

Despite being guaranteed a place in every final as one of the Big Five, the UK has had a rocky few years at the contest, last winning with Katrina and the Waves in 1997 and then embarking on a downward spiral, finishing with nul points thrice in the last decade. Will the three-time Grammy Award nominee be able to finally turn things around?



Bonnie does love a good side profile, doesn’t she? What happened to a nice bit of friendly eye contact, I don’t know – but waiting a full minute into the song until making it does not make for a compelling reason to believe in her. Quite litearlly struggling through the quicksand of this song is almost as painful as Dobby’s death, which is exactly what this video reminds me of. But as Bonnie sinks further and further, all you can do is applaud that she doesn’t stack it quite so much as Englebert did.


Contagious rating: 3/10