Ukraine: Zlata Ognevich




Zlata Ognevich has finally struck it lucky on her third attempt to represent Ukraine in the Eurovision with Gravity. The 27 year-old has ditched feathers that featured in both of her previous attempts and switched from having crazed backing dancers to five backing singers. This is the Ukraine’s tenth year participating the contest, and they’ve had a very good run, having always made it to the final and even securing a win in 2004, plus two second places (2007, 2008).




So Zlata Ognevich belongs in a Disney princess film, right? Which one, I’m not quite sure. But somewhere between Never Ever Land and Maldonia, Zlata was born. If she manages to balance on that fine line between the surreal and the boring – see the stage performances of this track so far for evidence – in her floor-length asymmetric peplum (in what will undoubtedly be an attempt to appease all high street fashion-conscious European viewers), she’ll manage not to detract from her genuine vocal talent. But until a peppy remix emerges [UPDATE: see next tab], the question remains: since when are all unicorns blond?

Contagious rating: 7/10



Ever on the pulse, Zlata has released a remix of her Eurovision track. I actually think she would be better off performing this one with some sort of one-verse breakdown of the original version towards the end, but for now only hope that many of the other acts follow suit.

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Contagious rating: 8/10