The Netherlands: Anouk




Anouk has a couple of MTV Europe Music Awards under her belt and is working on her eight studio album, Sad Singalong Songs – a different vibe from her fifth album, Who’s Your Momma? She’ll be singing Birds for The Netherlands this year, released on March 11 as a track on her eighth studio album, Sad Singalong Songs. With her Adele-vibe, this could finally be the year that the curse is broken, taking the Dutch to the final for the first time since 2004. Being one of the most popular Dutch female rock artists doesn’t hurt, either.




The home-recording style of the official video for Birds is certainly brave (they ultimately count for nothing, anyway, and are watched by very few voters), and matches Anouk’s stripped-back sound. While it veers towards something that seems to want to rival the crackling tones of a Judy Garland ballad, with an injection of soul. While I inherently dislike this kind of song…there’s no denying that Anouk has talent in abound over many of this year’s other contestants.

Contagious rating: 7/10