Sweden: Robin Stjernberg




Robin Stjernberg will be taking year’s host country to the final after winning Melodifestivalen (featuring the reigning Eurovision queen Loreen in its interval) by just 2175 votes, having been kept in the competition through its ‘second chance’ round. His former What’s Up! bandmate, Eric Saade, represented Sweden in 2011 and placed second – can the 22-year old serial cover artist do any better with You? The country has only missed the final once in over fifty years, even when entry wasn’t automatically guaranteed.




What were the reigning champs thinking? In a total 180 flip from last year’s phenomenal Loreen, the melodically dubious Robin takes a full minute to warm into his track, and none too soon. Hopefully the bun-haired boys and girls in hareem/sailor trousers will not be making an appearance in his performance at the final, because the boy with the quiff that puts Tintin to shame certainly needs more than some poorly executed ‘body-popping’ to turn this around. But then again, what does it matter, if the infuriatingly piercing tune lodges itself in voters’ heads?

Contagious rating: 6/10