Slovenia: Hannah




Slovenia are pushing the Eurovision boundaries with its 2013 track Straight Into Love, performed by Hannah (Mancini). The American singer could push Slovenia into the final – for only the third time in the past decade – but is Eurovision ready for dub-step?




Straight Into Love, or straight into the bathtub? Either way, Hannah’s choreographer and stylist are right on the pulse. They’ve got the tactical use of topless men down, as well as being all over the fashion trends: snakeskin, peplum, wet look leggings, swept-over fringe. This performance won’t be one for those with an aversion to laser lighting, Step Up, or piercing vocals, but this song belongs in the final. According to Hannah, “tomorrow is now” – and this is certainly one of the songs from this year’s Contest pushing the musical boundaries, whether Eurovision old-timers are ready for it or not.

Contagious rating: 8/10