Russia: Dina Garipova




At 21 years old, Dina Garipova is a journalism graduate, winner of Golos (The Voice) and now Russia’s 2013 Eurovision representative. Her idol is Whitney Houston, but she’ll be performing What If in this year’s contest. Her voice is far from the sounds of last year’s dear Buranovskiye Babushki, but can she keep up Russia’s decade-long contention in the contest?




Holding hands round the campfire takes on a whole new meaning with Dina Garipova’s video for What If. There’s swaying, there’s cheeks with single tears rolling down them, there’s emphatic ‘here is my hand, take it!’ gestures. But perhaps Dina’s director can be forgiven, since she’s working through three minutes of What Ifs leads to that big, heartfelt crescendo that Eurovision’s own 2013 motto is gunning for: We Are One. It’s just the right amount of cheese balanced with a bedecked string orchestra in the background.

Contagious rating: 3/10