Romania: Cezar Ouatu




Having beaten eleven other acts in the Romanian national selection last night, opera countertenor Cezar Ouatu will be representing the country with It’s My Life. This is Romania’s fifteenth year participating in the contest, which it has never won – the best results were third place in 2005 and 2010. Piano-playing Cezar comes from a family of musicians, has studied at Milan’s Musical Conservatory and even collaborated with Andrea Bocelli , who recorded a very special message for his younger friend…



There is nothing I do not love about It’s My Life. Overlooking the fact that it would never be played in any self-respecting establishment, I would unashamedly sing along to this in any club. I want to learn the backing dancers’ stage routine (viz. I have already attempted to learn it with a questionable degree of success) and, mouth-agape in a way that it hasn’t been since Honey Boo Boo introduced herself to the world, Cezar’s superhuman ability to hold those operatic notes commands respect. The video has it all as well: landscapes, seascapes, cars – is Eurovision’s answer to James Bond (move over Nodi)? Sadly, I have the same feeling about this perfectly-coiffed Romanian that I did about Lithuania’s 2010 entrant, InCulto. I was sure they would make it; they were in fact doomed to remain in the semis. Whether that is actually Cezar sky-diving in the video or not, I can only hope that the curse is lifted for him and his snazzy scarf in this disastrously ballad-filled year.

Contagious rating: 10/10