Norway: Margaret Berger




Norway’s 2013 entrant Margaret Berger has made it into the Norweigan top ten on two occasions, and was a runner-up on Norweigan Idol back in 2004. Norway has only missed a place in the final twice since 1960 – and doesn’t look set to miss it again, since I Feed You My Love has now been released as a track from her third studio album.



A cocoon in a silent tree

Eurovision diehards with love Margaret Berger from the off. While a little edgier than the beloved Lena, her stage presence (in body con, no less) and nonsensical lyrics will doubtless win her many a devotee’s vote. Hopefully the synthesiser’s won’t be too overbearing in the live performance’s, and, of course, the final.

Contagious rating: 6/10