Moldova: Aliona Moon




Last night the Moldovan national selection final crowned Aliona Moon its winner, sending her to the semi-finals with power ballad O Mie (A Million). This isn’t her first Contest: last year she was a backing vocalist for Pasha Parfeny in Baku, who has written O Mie and will be Moon’s own backing musician on the piano. While Moon won her place after singing the song in English, the 24 year-old will be performing it in Romanian at the first semi-final. Parfeny ended in 11th place last year, can Moon take Moldova into the top five for the first time in its eight-year Eurovision history?




Poor Pasha Parfeny, Moldova’s Eurovision hit from last year who also composed O Mie, must be feeling mighty disappointed. A masterful Eurovision song with such an infectious chorus…butchered by his former backing singer. He certainly doesn’t look all too impressed at the piano. Why Moldova haven’t chosen to record an ‘official video‘ (and submit it in the wrong language) is unclear – with a stunner like Aliona rocking the Lady Gaga fashions, it would be a welcome distraction from her inability to stay in key. Given the dubious and unoriginal choreography in this stage performance, though, perhaps the reason is all too clear. So 2001.

UPDATE 4/5/2013:

Aliona has now released a suitably ethereal video official video, which sadly does not feature Mr. Parfeny, but does give occasion to a selection of coloured scarfs and blossom trees. And a smoke-display that the Red Arrows would be proud of.

Contagious rating: 7/10