Malta: Gianluca Bezzina




Gianluca Bezzina won the Maltese National Selection with his sweet Paolo Nutini-esque performance of Tomorrow. He’s certainly set to swing the style and looks stakes in his favour…and did I mention that he’s also a 23 year-old surgeon? Malta are big fans of the ballad, but haven’t done so well in recent years. Dear Gianluca looks set to change that. (And take relief that they didn’t opt to use Chiara for a fourth time.)



So Jeremy’s a chap whose fashion sense (and whole life, apparently, apart from the modern cinema seats and new-age self-help book) is stuck in 60s who works in IT, whose life revolves around risk investment. Then he meets this carefree flirt of a girl, and…well, look at the look on Gianluca’s face: we all know how it’ll end. There’s surely nothing that Europe won’t love about this song – from the ukulele to that cheeky salute at the end that has clearly taken hours for Gianluca to perfect in his bathroom mirror.

Contagious rating: 6/10