Lithuania: Andrius Pojavis




Andrius Pojavis will be taking Lithuania to the semis with Something, in hopes to pull Lithuania out of a decade-long slump. The 33-year old is channeling Brandon Flowers in both style and sound, plus has previously made it into the top 20 of the Lithuanian singles chart. There is hope yet.




The early nineties have been revived! Rejoice! Or…not. This year’s blandest act commands so little of the stage that even Andrius looks unconvinced (watch how many times he emphatically blinks and opens-wide those well curtained eyes of his). If only this would stay forever in the semi-finals. Which is possibly about as much as any competing country who doesn’t bother to make an official – even a low budget mashup – video deserves.

Contagious rating: 1/10