Latvia: PeR




Another pop-rock entry has been chosen, in the form of PeR (Please Explain the Rhythm) for Latvia, who haven’t made it to the final since 2008. The band, Ralfs Eilands, and Edmunds Rasmanis, have been trying to make it to the Eurovision since 2009 – mirroring Latvia’s recent Eurovision history: they haven’t qualified for the final since 2008. Here We Go



Just like a tea-towel getting stiffened to crisp in a tumble dryer, PeR manage to turn three monosyllabic words and a miscellaneous reference to the late US comedian Andy Kaufman into a baffling auditory experience. With a chorus that reaches previously unknown pitches, Here We Go has doubtless taken musical inspiration from the both Robbie Williams and the Backstreet Boys – but the most bewildering part of all is the needs for lead singer Ralfs Eilands to be topless underneath his glittering. Presumably part of an attempt to emulate Jake Shears, with flatforms. If the band to make do somehow make it to the final, it can only be hoped that audience participation is not attempted. Ever again.

Contagious rating: 9/10. And not in any sort of good way.