Israel: Moran Mazor vs. John Galliano

What really happened…who knows. Was this a PR stunt that backfired? Quite possibly. Does Eurovision even do PR stunts that have any potential to backfire? In any case, Mazor has come out of it with a few more people knowing her name, but with no better hopes of being in the final: whatever she decides to wear will ultimately be the greatest focal point until her singing talent overshadows her fashion consciousness.

Last Thursday, reported that Israel’s contestant Moran Mazor had intended to wear a John Galliano dress (the couture fashion designer who was accused of anti-Semitism in 2011) at the semi-finals but was banned from doing so by the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA). Other sources reported that Mazor’s stylist been looking to designers including Galliano for their designs, and that he had ‘accepted the challenge’.

Galliano’s PR then came back to say that he had neither been in any ‘official correspondence’ nor had he confirmed that he would make Mazor’s dress. Meanwhile, this year’s host Petra Mede will be wearing a Jean-Paul Gaultier creation. Mede has already had creative meetings with the designer, who has previously been the French broadcast commentator for Contest, and has made dresses for many of the participants.