Ireland: Ryan Dolan




Ryan Dolan won EuroSong 2013 last night – no, Jedward have sadly not been entered again for a third shot – and will be attempting to turn Eurovision chances back around to the glory days of Ireland’s four-win streak in the 90s. The Northern Ireland lad co-composed the pop-dance anthem Only Love Survives, but since EuroSong has been rubbing arms with Louis Walsh. Priorities in order.




Ryan Dolan is the sixth member of The Wanted, right? But got kicked out for his ambition to become a leather-clad version of Basshunter. Obviously. Here’s a song club anthem that never quite takes off, with an animated lightshow that hopefully won’t be repeated at the semi-finals, or even the finals should it come to that, for risk of inducing epileptic fits. Only was it after the second chorus ended did I realise that all the home videoed, heart-framed people (including those Irish dancers which I did in fact appreciate) were not telling me to do something out of my power and ‘be loved’, but in fact to actually be love itself. I’m not sure which is a taller order.

Contagious rating: 2/10