Greece: Koza Mostra & Agathonas Iakovidis




58-year old singer Agathonas Iakovidis will be joining the six-piece band Koza Mostra on stage to perform Alcohol is Free for Greece, complete with accordion and trumpet. Mixing Greek and English lyrics, it’s not the first time Greece has opted for a gimmicky entry (harking back to 2010’s entry, OPA!) but if it doesn’t do well, would be the first time that the country hasn’t made the final.




Ignoring the fact that alcohol is certainly not free, the omnipresent moustachioed man in this video steals the comic show in what is my favourite of this year’s videos. If the possibility of traditional dancing in skirts remains, this is unadulterated Eurovision gold. Six good looking men singing an infuriatingly catchy chorus is destined for greatness, no?

Contagious rating: 6/10



Alcohol Is Free

Caught in a sea storm on Egnatia street,
Gales are drifting us far from the shore,
Our route might be wrong,
Lights are blinking on and off,
The ship is heading towards Grevena.

In an endless sea of good old whiskey
Castaways are we, not to be found,
The earth is dizzy, it staggers away
Holes in the head and a car that goes round
Who gave it sail and wheel?

Alcohol is free…

Waves are huge, the winds keep on blowing
And the mermaid keeps on asking,
Good woman, Alex had one too many.
Amidst the sea a traffic light,
Perhaps they got whiff of us,
Who put such distance between my house and me?

Chorus (twice)

Caught in a sea storm on Egnatia street
Gales are drifting us too far from the shore
Our route might be wrong
Lights are blinking on and off
The ship is headed towards Grevena.

It’s not the fault of good old whiskey
The ice cubes were spiked
And the ship seems to run on four round wheels!
An alcohol test and a traffic cop
Is of no terror for us
A downhill within the sea begins.

Alcohol is free…