Germany: Cascada




Germany are once again opting for an already popular act – world-renowned, even – by choosing Cascada as their 2013 entrant through national selection. This tactic worked wonders for their last winner, Lena, in 2010 who won by a landslide of 100 points over the second place act. (Let’s just overlook her flop second attempt in 2011). 




I’m not used to seeing Cascada in anything floor-length either, but there’s never reason to fear that she’ll not take the first opportunity to show off her legs at the final, which is certainly where it belongs. Lyrical minimalism works ever Cascada’s in favour, and if she manages to keep up the faux-wholesomeness of this video up, I have no doubts that she could win the contest this year. And I would not be happier: finally a contestant that could force the UK into making a similar move with a well known, successful, entrant next year.

Contagious rating: 10/10



28/2/2013: the quest for glory

Over the past week, German contestant Cascada has been accused of plaigarising last year’s winning track, Euphoria, by Loreen. The allegations came soon after Cascada’s selection, when German broadcasting station NDR commissioned a musical audit claiming that the two songs were “absolutely identical”.
“The chorus uses the same accentuation, the ending peaks with the same combinations. The singers even use the same breathing methods,” claimed phoenetics expert, Tina John in the German tabloid newspaper Bild.

All entries into the Eurovision must be original songs, but while there are certain similarities between the two Eurotrash anthems, the song was cleared yesterday and no official ESC investigation was deemed necessary.