Georgia: Nodi Tatishvili & Sophie Gelovani




Nodi Tatishvili (Geostar – Pop Idol – 2009) and Sophie Gelovani will be taking Georgia to the Eurovision with Waterfall. Composed by G:Son, the mastermind behind last year’s winner Euphoria, a song by the serial Eurovision songwriter is always welcome to bump up prospects of a middling Eurovision career.



Nodi and Sophie might be flying, but I’m still waiting for this song to take off. This song, like the singers in their hedge maze, is set to get lost within this year’s slew of ballads. Meanwhile, Nodi is probably the only person besides James Bond to have voluntarily worn a suit (however casual his may be) in the desert. And they’re not fooling anyone: barren hedge-garden – check. Dusty, mountainous planes – check. But the blinding sunlight throughout this video does not distract from the eponymous ommitance: where is the waterfall? Metaphorical love is simply not enough for this to belong in the final.

Contagious rating: 0/10