Finland: Krista Siegfrids




She’s into nail art, is ready to mobilise her Twitter #TeamDingDong and clearly has no qualms about prancing around in a wedding dress in front of a crowd. Krista Siegfrids ticks all the boxes of a ready-to-shine popstar. It’s been downhill since Lordi in 2006 for Norway, so here’s hoping they heed the lesson that costume is key: roll on a different wedding dress design for every performance.




Does Krista Siegfrids have a Burn Book? Is she a little too desperate to get hitched? Does she have a unicorn? Is she Ke$ha’s long lost twin? Is she trying to make tangerine happen? I imagine my expression watching this for the first time to mirror her fiance’s (if that is indeed what he is and not simply a man who was kidnapped from his bubble bath). Infectious to the point of coercion, I want Krista to make the finals if only so there’s something decent to dance along to.

Contagious rating: 9/10