Bosnia & Herzegovina: Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and Jala

Bosnia & Herzegovina Dalal & Deen


Love is all… a vicious paradise, gives you everything, but you’ve gotta pay the price
Love is all… best thing we can get, even after all your sins, I’ll forgive you and forget

I have a lot of love for this track, at least until the rapping starts. Although I’m all for musical diversity at Eurovision, is it necessary for this song? Dalal and Deen may make it to the final by the skin of their teeth – and all the better for being one of the very few countries that have chosen to sing their native tongue this year. More needed.

And in case you were wondering, here’s a snippet of that snappy rap:

Instead of being a captain, I chose the life of a pirate
Instead of being a happy man, my soul feels like it’s crying
Life’s a game of roulette, a wheel that I’ll be trapped inside in

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Credit: Vanja Lisac



Hello Europe, it’s Camilla calling! Here are the points from the House of Apcar vote.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: 7 points

According to my own personal preference, I have awarded points to all 43 acts entering this year’s contest using the EBU’s scoring system (12, 10 and 8-1 points).