Belgium: Laura Tesoro

Belgium Laura Tesoro



There’s something irresistible and catchy about this track – the verses in particular – and there’s no doubt Laura will make it well into the final. Fans of the long-running Flemish soap Familie will recognise her as the character Charlotte – but if that somehow passed you by, here’s a 19-year old who has learned how to “do” stage presence from mid-2000s Brit pop. While the music video below shows Laura surrounded by fresh-faced friends doing a very cool dance routine, Laura has mostly performed solo or with backing singers so far. If she isn’t joined on stage by a gang of equally peppy dancers, her managers have missed a trick.


Credit: © Freya Goossens



Hello Europe, it’s Camilla calling! Here are the points from the House of Apcar vote.

Belgium: 7 points

According to my own personal preference, I have awarded points to all 43 acts entering this year’s contest using the EBU’s scoring system (12, 10 and 8-1 points).