Malta: Amber

Sample 23



You can almost feel Europe mentally switching off as Amber flatlines for two and a half minutes before waking up to warble in desperation before her song ends. Try again next year for the final, Malta, this is a warrior without a fighting chance.


Credit: Aaron Briffa & cngfotography



All Kinds of Everything: interview with Amber

Who is your favourite Eurovision act of all time?

Loreen from Sweden, and her winning song Euphoria. She gave a performance in Baku in 2012 that left everyone in awe. Loreen is just an amazing performer who can really deliver.

Babushki4 vs. Lordi4


Both gave good performances that left an impact on the audience. I prefer Lordi because I believe they took Eurovision to a whole new level.

ABBA4 vs. Celine4

WINNER: Céline Dion

I always think of ABBA as more Eurovision than Céline Dion, but my personal preference is for Céline. She is more my style.

What does the general public in Malta think of Eurovision?

People in Malta love Eurovision. The contest is followed by most of the country. Families gather to watch it on TV and there are loads of Eurovision parties.

Do you have any rituals before going on stage?

I say a little prayer.

How do you normally watch the Eurovision Song Contest?

Eurovision is a big family event. We all gather to watch it. This year I expect my relatives in Australia will be almost in the room too – joining my family via Skype.



Hello Europe, it’s Camilla calling! Here are the points from the House of Apcar vote.

Malta: 3 points.

According to my own personal preference, I have awarded points to all 40 acts entering this year’s contest, with four countries receiving each set of points used by the EBU (12, 10, and 8-1).