Hungary: Boggie

Hungary 2015_02_28_a_dal_donto_boggie_4


Innocuous. If dear Boggie makes it to the final, I will be surprised – and somewhat disappointed. Tagging a song this tightly to human rights is probably as close as possible to the ban on ‘political messages’ that the EBU so much wants to uphold. But when it is delivered this meekly, it’s hard to endorse it as a song contest entry.

Credit: Nikolett Penziás



Hello Europe, it’s Camilla calling! Here are the points from the House of Apcar vote.

Hungary: 2 points.

According to my own personal preference, I have awarded points to all 40 acts entering this year’s contest, with four countries receiving each set of points used by the EBU (12, 10, and 8-1).