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A beautiful example of the power of rhyme, the sensitive delivery of this track lies at risk of being butchered in a live stage performance (particularly after that powerful keychange) into a shouty brawl from a woman in a likely floaty frock. France haven’t made it into the top 5 since 2002, and to my dismay Twin Twin trundled into last place in Copenhagen. France needs an accessible, relatable act: a recipe for success that Lisa Angell’s powerballad prowess rules out from the start.


Credit: Nathalie Guyon / France TV, Lisa ANGELL



All Kinds of Everything: interview with Lisa Angell

Who is your favourite Eurovision act of all time?

My favourite Eurovision act of all time is ABBA, because with Eurovision, they started a musical career worldwide, it shows how Eurovision can be !

Babushki4 vs. Lordi4

I’m not a fan of both music styles, but I found Lordi’s masks and suits amusing

ABBA4 vs. Celine4

WINNER: ABBA, of course!

What does the general public in France think of Eurovision?

A lot of people say that it is lame, but I think this is trendy. And I’m happy that it remains on TV because it feels like a tradition. Why sweep away all the achieved work ? What could we do better ? All these countries meeting. The whole of Europe reunited…winning is not the whole point.
It’s quite exciting as a human adventure. Opening doors, listening what other contestants do, what is their music, their influences. Each artist can give a message with his own music, whether we like it or not. It has to live forever, we shouldn’t take it down.

Do you have any rituals before going on stage?

Yes, I have a picture of my daughter all the time with me, and I put it on my vocal chords before going on stage, it gives power to my voice!

How do you normally watch the Eurovision Song Contest?

I do, I watch Eurovision every year at home with my family, with a pen and a paper, and we write down our favourite songs! I did that last year.



Hello Europe, it’s Camilla calling! Here are the points from the House of Apcar vote.

France: 5 points.

According to my own personal preference, I have awarded points to all 40 acts entering this year’s contest, with four countries receiving each set of points used by the EBU (12, 10, and 8-1).