Eurovision 2015: crystal-gazing for Vienna


Hello, Europe! It’s Camilla calling. Here are the House of Apcar pre-semi-final predictions for Eurovision 2015…good luck!

How I want the top five to look…

  1. Romania
  2. Cyprus
  3. Australia – just to inject some interest for 2016
  4. Israel
  5. San Marino

Where the UK will place…once again it’s fortunate that the UK’s place in the final is guaranteed as one of the ‘Big Five’ (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK), because we’re presenting a true Eurovision curveball. With so many ballads bound to make it to the final, there might be a glimpse in at the top 10 for Electro Velvet (below)…if Europe doesn’t think it’s just totally, totally weird.

Who I think will actually end up in the top five (and I look forward to being proven wrong)…

  1. Sweden
  2. Italy
  3. Slovenia
  4. Norway
  5. Australia

It might be the Contest’s 60th anniversary, but 2015 is a slow Eurovision year – particularly rhythmically. Minimal gimmicks and myriad ballads don’t make for a particularly varied or fun competition, even if there are 40 participating countries.

The bookies are tipping…Sweden, Italy and Australia (it’s their first – but possibly not last – honourary year participating in the competition) miles ahead of the pack, bafflingly followed by Estonia.

Against my better judgement…I adore Nadav, from Israel (below), a 16-year old who is putting some much needed lightheartedness into the line-up.

I’m rooting for…a beautiful melody from Romania, sung partly in their own language and partly in English - the only song in the Contest to do so.

Watch out for…Maria Olafs’ shameless Icelandic rip-off of the Frozen hit single Let It Go, plus Knez from Montenegro who likes Dustin the Turkey, and looks as though he’s having the most fun on stage. Every single time.

In the good looks department…dapper Italian trio Il Volo (below), and basically every single female soloist.

Bust a move to…Moldovan guilty pleasure Eduard Romanyuta (and check out that music video, while you’re at it). Whether he’ll be in the final or not…I just do not know.

The best of the ballads…it’s hard to say, since this year’s competition has an even higher ratio of ballads than usual (turning out at nearly 30%, by genre).

I’m interested to see…how the very, very credible Loïc Nottet fares with his infectious Belgian entry, Polina Gagarina facing the odds from Russia (although hovering around a formidable 20/1 at the moment with the bookies), plus how the slick Norwegian duo tackle staging in Vienna.