Slovenia: Tinkara Kovač

Slovenia Tinkara



Tinkara Kovač has won Evrovizijska melodija with Spet (Round And Round) with more than double the number of votes gained by runner-up Muff. The 35-year old has released a handful of albums since 1997 – including The Best of Tinkara in 2009 – and has her own record label, under which she has produced a collection of lullabies. If that’s not intrigue enough, Spet is co-written by last year’s Slovenian contestant, Hannah Mancini, whose boundary-pushing dub-step track Straight Into Love didn’t make it to the final. Solidarity, sista.


Credit: Matej Mljač – Tinkara Kovač



Are intros with sweet wind instruments are the key to Eurovision success? If Tinkara makes it into the top ten, then we might be on to something. She’s vibing vampy 90s pop, so don’t cross her – she’s got it all: knitted polo neck, spiky up-do, corset, Victorian skirt…Few acts can pull off such a seamless balance between lines sung in their home language and English, and that deserves some recognition. I hope she does well in final, where she belongs.

Contagious rating: 8/10



Spet (Round And Round)

Is a moment
just a circle
Just a song you play on repeat

If we can’t change
how we’re living
Isn’t life just a lie that we feed

And now
I’m gonna show you how to breathe
I’m gonna show you how to live
I’m gonna hold your heart in hand
(Yeah) I’m gonna make you understand

You don’t know you don’t know
Is it love is it hate
What are we changing
(What are we doing)
You don’t know you don’t but
Can you feel it inside
Feel the roses
Feel the pride
(Can you believe it)

Round and round again we …
Round and round again we go …
Round and round again we …
Round and round again we go…

Isn’t hatred
Just a mirror
Just a mirror
Our reflection twisted in scorn

Will we ever
See each other
Choose the road that won’t leave us torn

And now
I’m gonna …

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