Montenegro: Sergej Ćetković

Montenegro Sergej Cetkovic



It’s Montenegro’s seventh Eurovision year – but they’ve yet to make it to the final. Taking a turn away from the last two years of hip-hop/dub-step, the internal selection panel has chosen piano-playing ballad king Sergej Ćetković to represent Montenegro in Copenhagen. The 38-year old has written the tune himself; there is an English version, but after some deliberation Moj Svijet (My Love) will be performed Montenegrin at the live shows (or so it seems).



It’s a good thing the video for Moj Svijet is beautiful, because although the song and instrumentals are too, it’s somehow hard to be otherwise disinterested in it. I prefer it by far in Montenegrin, and that’s really all that could have been hoped for.

Contagious rating: 1/10

My Love

Find me,
I’m still wandering the seas,
A lonely sail without a breeze,
Can you see me?

Find me
You know I’m lost without your arms,
You are never ending line
on my palms…

Still dreaming you’re mine,
I’m loving you like the first time…

My love, I’ll be waiting
For you to be in my world again
Don’t forget about me,
Don’t forget about everything we had

My love I ‘ll be waiting,
For you to take this lonely world away,
Don’t forget about me,
Let me hold you in my arms
Don’t forget about me
Be the sun in my eyes again…

I’m still dreaming you’re mine,
I’m loving you like the first time,
You are all that I need,
My love, my everything

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