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33-year old Cristina Scarlat will be representing Moldova in Copenhagen with Wild Soul, after clinching the prize at O Melodie Pentru Europa on her third bid at national selection. She plays piano, violin, was once educated as a conductor, and is lead singer of the Presidential Orchestra – and the overachieving doesn’t stop there. The song was written by her 23-year old niece, Lidia, who was once a children’s TV host and last year gave live commentary for the Contest for national channel TeleRadio-Moldova. Moldova have made it to the final for all but one of the nine years they’ve participated in the Contest, but only once into the top ten. Could Cristina push them into the bigtime?


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Production costs on Cristina’s music video for Wild Soul were, I’m sure, high. I can’t wait to see how the cuckoo clock atmosphere is brought to the stage, nor how the almost-showtune song fares. A solid performance seems almost guaranteed, as the blonde beauty delivers in just the right pitch that will – if the broadcasters capture just the clip of ‘mercy’ – send voters straight to their phones. Cascada, take note. If Cristina can pull it off as well live as the studio version: this is how it is done.

Contagious rating: 8/10


Wild Soul
What am I?
Am I human?
What am I?
An emotion?
Time and space can lie to us while we sleep

Lovers cry, parents tremble
While you and I show our devils
The world can play a joke on each of us anytime

I have no feelings of mercy
Destiny left me so empty
Empty in my heart and my spirit
My patience
Fighting with our indifference
Fighting to win over everything that we are and can be

Takes the trophies
Wins the glories
All the masks we have are meant to make us free

Wounded pride kills our feeling
While you and I need the dreaming
The world can throw a dice for each of us anytime

Wild soul
Is rushing through my body
And my
Wild soul
Is meant to keep me trying

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