Azerbaijan: Dilara Kazimova

Azerbaijan Dilara



Once part of an opera troupe, Dilara Kazimova will be representing Azerbaijan in Copenhagen with Start A Fire. The 29-year old has tried out for the spot twice before as a member a band, in 2008 – Azerbaijan’s first year at Eurovision – and 2010. Their Eurovision history may be relatively short, but Azerbaijan’s legacy is strong: they’ve landed within the top eight every year, including a win in 2011 and very respectable second place in 2013. No pressure, Dilana.

Credit: Sergey Illin



She’s on trend! Look at that midriff on show, that high necklined, sleeveless crop top and that dual slick of red on lips and nails. Dilara is tapping into something current, but Start A Fire is not a fire-starter. With piercing tone and pitch, is she just a beautiful conductor of a lonely violins club?

Then again, I’m not entirely hatin’ on this track, and it’s more than likely to make the final. I can’t quite make out all the lyrics, but ask me again in a week and I’m fairly sure this will be a favourite for staring out of train windows.

Contagious rating: 5/10



Start A Fire

Someone’s selling garden roses down the square
People gathering by to breathe the morning air
But no one sees the bitter cold and shivering empty hands

A school girl running by and trying to beat the bell
People dropping, tossing coins in wishing wells
But no one cares for dreams that don’t fit into our world

Maybe nightfall darkens skies
And maybe teardrops stain our eyes
But may the slightest light start a fire

A soldier in the hands of a forgotten mess
Digging out the burning bullets in his chest
So eager, bold and noble – printing footsteps on this earth

Maybe nightfall darkens skies
Maybe teardrops stain our eyes
But may the slightest light start a fire

Start a fire

But may the slightest light start a fire
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