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He’s a comedian, he’s an X Factor host, he isn’t one to shy away from a sequinned jacket. It seemed that Aram Mp3 was going to be one of the more conventionally club-worthy entrants to compete in this year’s Contest, and there’s no chance of stage fright here – he knows how to play to a live audience. But after a two month wait, Aram revealed the Armenian entry to be a dubstep ballad that he wrote the music for himself, Not Alone. Talk about a curveball.

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All Kinds of Everything: interview with Aram Mp3

Many of your previous songs are very upbeat – what inspired the choice of a ballad for Eurovision?

Not Alone was chosen among more than 75 song submissions that our team received from Armenian and international composers for Eurovision 2014. It was closest to my heart, as I have composed the melody for it and, secondly, the song really expresses my thoughts and feelings. So, I thought that it would be better if I sing a song which comes from my heart.

Who is your favourite Eurovision act of all time – and why?

I loved Loreen’s Euphoria, for me it is a very good hit. I enjoy listening to it on the radio till now and when I hear that song, I make it louder.

How do you normally watch the Eurovision Song Contest?

I watched Eurovision as a regular music fan: sitting in my house in front of TV. I remember that I have been following this song contest for a long time. It became even more special for me since 2006, when Armenia participated in Eurovision for the first time. At that time I was watching it alone and when it was announced that Armenia was qualified for the final, I was shouting loud and applauding in front of my TV as if I was in Greece at that moment. I woke up everyone around. That was really an emotional moment!

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Not quite what you were expecting after being held in suspense for two months? Me neither. Leather jacket plus suited and booted drummer/violin boys (the key to success, proven by Emmelie last year?), the Armenian entry has descended into a hot mess.

During that hopeful time, before Not Alone was announced, of hits such as If I Tried - which I still can’t stop listening to on repeat – I even went so far to say: “if he doesn’t make it to the final, I will be distraught. If the track is too modern, no chance. But if it’s just the right balance of infectious and gimmick-free…could we be looking at a winner?”

The beat lurking in Not Alone emerges almost a good two minutes into this song, at which point dubstep takes over in a sudden way that I’m doubtful most Eurovision voters will appreciate. And just like the rest of the song, it fades out with an underwhelming grimace. But Aram is the bookie’s favourite this year; even if he’s not my own for 2014, I’d be delighted to see Armenia win, and with something this contemporary the win would be doubly sweet. Lulling traditional Eurovision fans in with soft beginnings before the beat drops may be his key to success.

Although if there’s one thing to work on before the live shows, Aram, it’s looking less…pained.

5/2/2014: Aram Mp3 does Only Teardrops live – and it is amazing

Contagious rating: 6/10



Not Alone

You’re all alone, you’re all alone,
No shoulder wants you to lean on,
You thought this world was too cold
And you’ve made up
A whole new world

Don’t cry, don’t cry little bird
Though you are scared and you’re hurt
You’re gonna wake up
It’s only a dream
And why do dreams make people scream

You’re not alone…

What if it’s all in one kiss
That turns all seeds into trees
The strongest wind into breeze
Enter all doors without keys

What if it’s all in one kiss
That turns all seeds into trees
The strongest wind into breeze
What if it’s all in one kiss

You’re not alone…

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