Eurovision 2013: the final shocks and surprises



As expected, Ms. de Forest took home the 2013 glory. If you did not place a bet on the bookies favourite, you are probably also bemoaning your lost potential winnings as much as I. But why was she the dead cert to win? Only Teardrops has been critcised as an tame, bland song – and it’s not hard to understand why – but one of the main reasons for its success was that it was completely inoffensive. The flute intro struck chords that inspired a congenial mood, and followed by a rousing chorus sung by a dainty, barefoot girl, success was bound to follow – with douze points all round for the Danes from France, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom.


Finishing in 7th place, Marco Mengoni at least proved that Italy deserves its place in the Big Five. Who on earth paid to vote for the song, however, is another question entirely. (All eyes on you douze-pointers, Spain, Albania and Switzerland…)

SHOCK: Netherlands

Ending up in 9th place, European stardom didn’t quite ‘do’ it for Anouk. Her arresting performance might not have carried so much weight to television screens, or perhaps it was all something to do with her just-got-off-the-bus-after-a-long-haul-trip look.


ByeAlex gathered more votes (10th place with 84 points) than I could have possibly predicted. Some say this was down to the dashing lead singer, I like to think it is more due to the infectiously charming song.

SHOCK: Romania

Poor Cezar. 13th place with only 65 points. He was certainly one to watch – for whatever mesmerising reason – but in the end his performance didn’t equate to many votes. Potentially due to the numerous unfortunate comparisons made between his appearance and folk of the blood-sucking variety.

SURPRISE vs. SHOCK: Russia vs. Moldova

Dina Garipova pulled it out of the bag for Russia, while Aliona Moon‘s tune flopped in comparison (due, in part, to an unfortunate melodic stumble). Does Europe appreciated pure vocal talent over a complex song? Does the language it’s sung in make any difference?


While Bonnie herself knew that she was destined to stay far away from the top ten (19th place with 23 points), Cascada‘s ‘rip’ of 2012’s winner, Loreen, should surely have been far more successful…had she sung it, rather than breathlessly screaming along, plonking into 21st place with 18 points.

SHOCK: Finland

Landing in 24th place of 26 with just 13 points, #TeamDingDong didn’t pull through for Krista. At all. Appealing the gay Eurovision fan base didn’t do her the favours that could have logically followed, although her devotees at the stadium were among the most enthusiastic – bridal-bedecked men and women were strutting their stuff in absolute support of their Contest favourite.