Denmark: Emmelie de Forest




Emmelie de Forest will be representing the Danes in Malmo with Only Teardrops after winning a quarter of the votes at the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. She’s got the upbeat-ballad tempo going on…but can the Scandi voting lift Denmark out of a trundling 12-year rut?




Squeaky clean with a charming smile, so of course the bookies love Denmark’s entry this year. Young Emmelie is in strong favour to win the Contest – and with her Ellie Goulding look and sound, it’s easy to understand why. It’s her flute accompanist that really stands out for me on this track. Who knew teardrops could be such a powerful force, eh? Emmelie can certainly sing, and although I prefer her voice to Lana del Rey’s and many of the other golden girls in this year’s cohort, I’d also prefer that someone a little less predictable won the Contest.

Contagious rating: 7/10