Bulgaria: Elitsa & Stoyan




Bulgaria’s lucky Eurovision charms of 2007 are back again. In 2007 percussion and folk-singing duo Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankoulov took Bulgaria to the final for the first time (finishing in 5th place) – and the country hasn’t made it that far since. The duo originally chose Kismet as their entry, but have since changed their choice to Samo Shampioni (Only Champions) due to copyright issues.



It’s hard to classify what Elitsa and Stoyan are really doing on stage, here. But falling somewhere between dubstep, traditional folk and rock band wannabes, this track is reluctantly cheerful. The traditional bagpipe-esque solos certainly outdo Elitsa’s yodelling (improved by its brief segue into dubstep territory), but the nineties-clad duo compensate with some very enthusiastic synchronised mid-air drumming. Celebrating what Eurovision does best, the song will hopefully earn a place in the final…which I would love, as I’m all too keen to warble along to this track. The lyrics (courtesy of the EBU below), however, don’t shed much light on…anything.

Contagious rating: 7/10

Flying far and high,
Jumping, laughing, crying,
The youngest and the best,
The bravest in the games,
All strong at heart.

Only wild ones,
Only champions,
Golden boys and girls for millions
Give us the young ones,
Give us the happy ones,
And the whole village comes.
Sing, don’t be afraid.

Only Champions,
Only Champions

Give us young ones, give us happy ones,
And the whole village comes



12/3/2013: Kismet no more

Due to a copyright dispute, Kismet, the track elected to be sung by Elitsa & Stoyan for Bulgaria, has been disqualified and withdrawn from the Contest.

Presented as one of three possible options, Kismet was chosen by a 50/50 national selection televoting and jury panel vote earlier this month. After the song was chosen, the Bulgarian broadcasting company BNT was informed that one of the song’s co-authors had not been consulted about the final version, and outstanding copyright issues had not been settled.

Kismet came in a tie with the song Samo Shampioni (Only Champions) at the national selection, which has now been authorised as a replacement – with just one week left for all song choices to be announced and authorised by the EBU.