Belgium: Roberto Bellarosa




The winner of Belgium’s first series of The Voice, eighteen year-old Roberto Bellarosa, is likely to be one of the youngest contestants this year. But will the Enrique-Darius lookey-likey with the major hand movements take Belgium to the finals for only the second time since 2004 with Love Kills?




Boob-thrusting girls aside, I’m glad that the Belgian music video was kept in its simplest possible: anything more complex and I’m not sure that I’d be able to handle the insipid-Bieber wannabe qualities of this song. Catchy as the chorus may be, the rest of the song makes poor Roberto sound like a strained boyband reject. Which is really far too harsh a statement in itself, because he had nothing whatsoever to do with composing the song.

Contagious rating: 5/10