Belarus: rhythmless love for Alyona?

Alyona, Alyona – what a rebel. Disqualified from last year’s contest, the Belarusian singer is walking on the wild side again this year (albeit more carefully). It appears that her February Abbey Road recording session may have been used as an opportunity to soon ditch Rhythm of Love - which she sang in her national selection back in December - for a new track to take to the semi-finals, Solayoh.

Released on iTunes on Monday, the potential new Eurotrash track is in fact an earlier version of her 2008 song Soleo. While there has been debate amongst fans over the Contest’s ruling that an artist cannot sing a track that publicly released before the September of the previous year, ESC Event Supervisor Sietse Bakker has tweeted that the likely replacement “is cleared by the EBU based on the information provided by BTRC.” An official song change remains to be announced.

UPDATE: Solayoh has been confirmed as the official Belarusian entry.