Belarus: Alyona Lanskaya




Twenty-seven year-old Alyona Lanskaya was ready to retro-vibe through in this year’s contest with Rhythm Of Love, and despite initially listing the track  as Belarus’ chosen song, Alyona’s Facebook page reported that soon after that she was recording at Abbey Road: the new song, Solayoh. This isn’t the start of her Eurovision career, either She gained a place to Baku but was disqualified ten days later …but again, what is Eurovision without being questionable?




Is Alyona consciously trying to beat out Cascada in the sex appeal stakes? The result is a slightly scary attempt at urban cool with PVC, short shorts and cut away dresses playing their respective roles (I am choosing to overlook the male dancers’ outfits in this video as they could easily be the subject of a dissertation themselves). Aside from the inexplicable initial location (warehouse vodka bar?), other baffling moments in this video include an unfortunate cut to a girl acting like a beached whale, Alyona’s transparent Perspex seat, and dancers patting her chest. Some sign of appreciation, perhaps? It’s only a shame that a mere five dancers will be allowed on stage with the singer. Bursting with Eurovision-anthem quality, Solayoh was a wise song change for Belarus, as it’s among the catchiest in the contest.

Contagious rating: 10/10 



6/3/2013: rhythmless love for Alyona?

Alyona, Alyona – what a rebel. Disqualified from last year’s contest, the Belarusian singer is walking on the wild side again this year (albeit more carefully). It appears that her February Abbey Road recording session may have been used as an opportunity to soon ditch Rhythm of Love - which she sang in her national selection back in December - for a new track to take to the semi-finals, Solayoh.

Released on iTunes on Monday, the potential new Eurotrash track is in fact an earlier version of her 2008 song Soleo. While there has been debate amongst fans over the Contest’s ruling that an artist cannot sing a track that publicly released before the September of the previous year, ESC Event Supervisor Sietse Bakker has tweeted that the likely replacement “is cleared by the EBU based on the information provided by BTRC.” An official song change remains to be announced.